Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hey guys and gals!

Today I am squaring away with Bro. Stan our awesome trip to Arlington to watch some baseball and going to Six Flags. We have worked it out to make this trip Super cheap....Only $40! Whoa. You have to buy your food. But other than can't beat it! Awesome. Stay tuned for more news coming your way.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

man...I am behind...Summer's coming!

Sorry folks for delaying updating this. I am genuinely going to try to update this more than 1 time a month or 1 time every 5 months. Anyway...I am super stoked about the things that are happening at our church and in our student ministry. Summer is very close and we will do so much this summer. 6th graders are going to transition in through "Rise Up."

I am excited about this. I think once the 6th graders understand what we're doing to make them feel super awesome all summer, they will love it!

I am also stoked about Hangin' in the Upper Room every Tuesday afternoon this summer from 2-5. If you want to hang and you need a ride, call me...I'll come and get you...but your folks have to pick you up. Come play basketball, Wii, watch a movie, chillax in the Upper Room.

We also have some other cool things happening in the summer. They're coming very soon.