Friday, July 17, 2009

Awesome Last Full Day!

God did some awesome things today.  The Gospel was shared, and people responded.  We have students that are responding to God's calling on their life.  Here is one example:

Awesome time tonight in our Church Group Devotions.  It is such an encouragement to me to hear the things that God is doing.  I look forward to the time where we get together and reflect and respond to the day.  Also today was MEGA RELAY.  It is one of the highlights of Camp.  My team the Revolution won easily.  Brandon J and I dominated the camp.  It was fun.

We have had a blast.  Please pray for our safe travels tomorrow.  Kermit (aka Kermie) and I will be driving.  God is so good to us.  Thanks for your prayers.


What an amazing day.  We went to ministry site.  We saw God move.  We saw brokenness.  We worshipped.  We played.  We sang.  We built.  We did all sorts of things.  We served.  God is good.  Please pray for our last day of site.  As a treat yesterday we went to dinner in Nashville and played Laser Tag.  The kids had a great time.  Here they are saying hello to you all.

This building is just funny in Nashville.

What is important is the things God is doing on our ministry sites.  Brandon J and I went to a group home called My Friends House.  It was a great time of witnessing to boys who needed Jesus.  This week is the last week that FUGE will be going there so we stopped and prayed on way back to camp yesterday for the things that God is doing there and will continue to do for the boys there.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

God is Moving

Hey friends!  We had an awesome day today at Camp.  God is moving.  Pray for our students.  Some of our students are lost and need the love of Jesus.  Some need to follow Him more deeply.  Others need to surrender to His calling on their lives.  Pray that He would do a mighty work. 

For fun there was a dodgeball tournament.  Many of our students participated.  The guys made a team called the Highland Headshots.  The team won 2 games but lost to the Fuge staff in the 3rd round.  Derek E. Singlehandedly beat the 1st team they played.  Everyone was out and Derek won the game on His own.  Way to Go!  

I (Brandon) was able to visit Rocketown today.  It is a ministry that Michael W. Smith (a Christian singer) began with many others.  They have a concert venue, a coffeehouse, and a skate park.  During the summer they run an arts day camp.  I was able to help some guys make a video that they were working on...Brandon J. helped some guys with a band they were starting at the camp.  During these times we were able to share about the love of Christ.  It was neat to see us be able to use our talents to help others and share the Gospel with them.

Here are three videos of the dogeball tourney today.  THe first one is of the Fuge Staff and the Headshots and then the others are from the other games.  You have to look through another game to see our guys...enjoy.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Great Day!!

Today our students went to their ministry sites. Many played with kids, some sang to the elderly, some event went and spent time with inmates. It was a great time to serve many people in need.

We have also have had some fun. Here's some videos of the madness that has ensued while we've been on campus.


Monday, July 13, 2009

First Actual Camp Day

So even though we have been in Nashville for 24 hours we are just really getting started.  Many are placed in track groups and will work in the city of Nashville tomorrow.  Pray for them will you?

Today Carson E. had a little accident but had high spirits.  She hair-lined fractured her arm during a game.  She is still very happy to be here and excited about what she will experience.  I am thankful her mother was here to help during this situation.  Here she is talking about the experience via video.

Here is us getting excited about opening celebration.  We are thankful and excited about what we will learn.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Made it Nashville

Well it's late...but we made it to Nashville.  We had a great trip.  We were stuck by some rain...and we also ran into some road construction.  Overall though great time.  I am so thankful for xMa allowing us to use one of their vans.  I would also like to thank Rod Bishop at Summit Quest for getting us a rental van at the last minute as well.   We will be lifting up FBC Shreveport, LA because of the terrible event as they were traveling to camp. 

Here are a couple vids from our trip so far....


Here is where you will be able to check out the happenings at MFuge while we are away this week. I will be updating pictures, videos, and Twitter (the what's happening with Reverend Rodgers) throughout the entire week.

Pray that God would move in us to do some awesome things! Pray for the people that we will encounter in Nashville.