Wednesday, July 15, 2009

God is Moving

Hey friends!  We had an awesome day today at Camp.  God is moving.  Pray for our students.  Some of our students are lost and need the love of Jesus.  Some need to follow Him more deeply.  Others need to surrender to His calling on their lives.  Pray that He would do a mighty work. 

For fun there was a dodgeball tournament.  Many of our students participated.  The guys made a team called the Highland Headshots.  The team won 2 games but lost to the Fuge staff in the 3rd round.  Derek E. Singlehandedly beat the 1st team they played.  Everyone was out and Derek won the game on His own.  Way to Go!  

I (Brandon) was able to visit Rocketown today.  It is a ministry that Michael W. Smith (a Christian singer) began with many others.  They have a concert venue, a coffeehouse, and a skate park.  During the summer they run an arts day camp.  I was able to help some guys make a video that they were working on...Brandon J. helped some guys with a band they were starting at the camp.  During these times we were able to share about the love of Christ.  It was neat to see us be able to use our talents to help others and share the Gospel with them.

Here are three videos of the dogeball tourney today.  THe first one is of the Fuge Staff and the Headshots and then the others are from the other games.  You have to look through another game to see our guys...enjoy.  

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