Tuesday, July 20, 2010

God is at work--Day 2 CentriKid

So today was a glorious day here at camp. Today the kids were put into track times. These are times that they were able to pick that might have included water, sports, and or plain fun. Some are doing babysitting. Some are playing games. But each kid came back saying that was their favorite part.

A common theme today has been lost and found. Kids are losing small parts of their money or BIG parts...but it is alright and hopefully those things will be worked out. Also we've picked up somethings from the lost and found that we've left. Overall...the kids are kids and that's alright...they'll grow up and be forgetful like me!

Also today God ushered someone new into His kingdom. Paige, one of our girls, accepted Christ tonight at the end of worship. God is so good! This trip has been worth every penny spent. Watch the video below...check out what the kids are doing and see Paige's joy at the end...it's the best 5 minutes you'll spend today.

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