Monday, October 13, 2008

Brokenness For My Students

I have discovered that the students of Highland Baptist are dealing with heavy stuff. As I am getting to know them more and more everyday, the Lord 1) opens my heart to love them more, and 2) helps me to understand my own story even more. These students are pushing me to the brink and into brokenness.

I no means was this suppose to be gut-wrenching...but rather an avenue for you all to understand that my students genuinely mean alot to me. Yesterday we had a moment where I thought we had lost a kid (she was with her dad the entire time and very okay) but my heart was troubled trying to get in touch with folks who would know her whereabouts. By no means had I feared the worst, yet, but had it played out much longer it would have been a tough scenario for me and our entire faith community. I genuinely wanted to know where she was at, not because I feared for my job, because I feared for her well-being. I genuinely love these kids.

I sit at lunch and dinner with these students and we talk about what God is doing in their lives. It is incredibly humbling to see that students are actually "getting it." I have not been here long, and I feel more and more everyday that the Lord was very clear when he made His path straight to West Monroe. I am humbled more and more. I listen to students discuss their families, and I tell them about mine...and it is very close to the same scenario. God is truly using my short life to let others see that He can be faithful.

I see students pursuing holiness...this is the big one for me. I have students that are in relationships and they choose not to pursue physical intimacy of any kind because they don't want to stumble and cause the significant other to stumble. I am challenged by these kids to do the same. Students are changing their language use for the sake of letting Christ shine in their life. Students are beginning to serve others...and eachother...for the Kingdom's sake.

I am broken for my students. May God continue that.

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