Thursday, October 9, 2008

First Post! Welcome to My World.

So basically...I am working hard. That is what I do. I come in to the wonderful office of Highland Baptist Church and plug away at what the Lord is doing through our church and find a way to plug our students into that work. We just had a Revival. It was actually really great. It was a revival that was more for our church. We looked at some deep theological understandings of the Trinity, Man, and the Church. God really worked in some of our folks, and I pray that God continues that work.

There are some other things that have happened today:

1) Discovered we will have to change the time of the TOOL SHOWER. I am getting married...I am getting tools at a couple shower...YES! We had to move it from 5 to 3 on Nov. 8. If you are a couple and would like to come...come.

2) Booked a Hotel for the Pittsburgh National Youth Workers Convention. It cost $110/night. WHOA! I am sure it will be amazing when it is all said and done. I tried to find a roommate and couldn't, and had to book this week to get the rates.

3) Planned a Adult Youth Council meeting...we got to raise some Benjamins for Camp this summer, and these folks know how to do it!

4) Woke up at 5 because of the aforementioned dog in my about me. She was barking...urg.

5) Checked out what was going on at the National Youth Workers Convention in Sacramento...nothing yet to note. I am excited about going.

6) Tried to do some honeymoon things are expensive.

Hope you are all doing well. I love you..and so does the Lord. Serve Him with Gladness today!

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